DCC'18 Program


Saturday 30 June 2018
0830 - 0900 Registration, Hall Aula Magna
0900 - 1230 Workshop 1: Design descriptions: Disruptive technologies in future design & development systems
0900 - 1230 Workshop 2: Co-Creation
1345 - 1400 Registration, Hall Aula Magna
1400 - 1730 Workshop 3: Agent-Based Modeling in Design
1400 - 1730 Workshop 4: Design Cognition and Design Education
Sunday 1 July 2018
0830 - 0900 Registration, Hall Aula Magna
0900 - 1230 Workshop 5: Systems Design Thinking
0900 - 1230 Workshop 6: Measuring Design Cognition
0900 - 1230 Workshop 7: Designing with AI
1345 - 1400 Registration, Hall Aula Magna
1400 - 1730 Workshop 8: Learning Design Representations: Deep Learning and Beyond
1400 - 1730 Workshop 9: Neurophysiological Measures and Biometric Analyses in Design Research

Pre-Conference Mixer - Location to be advised (not included in conference registration fee).

Day One

Monday 2 July 2018, Hall Aula Magna
0800 - 0900 Registration, Hall Aula Magna
0900 - 0915 Opening
0915 - 1015

Keynote Speaker
Anna Abraham
Professor of Psychology at Leeds Beckett University

1015 - 1045 Break
1045 - 1245

Session 1: New Design Methods
Chair: TBA
Towards the Rapid Design of Engineered Systems Through Deep Neural Networks
Christopher McComb

Deep Component-based Neural Network Energy Modelling for Early Design Stage Prediction
Sundaravelpandian Singaravel and Philipp Geyer
Unsuccessful Search: An fMRI Investigation of Analogical Reasoning and Impasse During Design Concept Generation
Kosa Goucher-Lambert, Jarrod Moss and Jonathan Cagan
Designing With and For the Crowd: A Study of Design Processes in NatureNet
Stephen MacNeil, Sarah Abdellahi, Mary Lou Maher, Jin Goog Kim, Mohammad Mahzoon and Kazjon Grace
A Comparison of Tree Search Method for Graph Topology Design Problems
Ada-Rhodes Short, Bryony Dupont and Matt Campbell

1245 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1545

Session 2: Design Cognition – Design Approaches
Chair: TBA
Extroversion of Co-Design Cognition through Immersive Retrospection
Tomás Dorta, Emmanuel Beaudry-Marchand and Davide Pierini
Demystifying the Creative Qualities of Evolving Actions in Design Reasoning Processes
Tamir El-Khouly
The Effect of Tangible Interaction on Spatial Design Tasks
Jingoog Kim, Mary Maher and Lina Lee
Side-by-side Human-Computer Design using a Tangible User Interface
Matt Law, Nikhil Dhawan, Hyunseung Bang, So-Yeon Yoon, Daniel Selva and Guy Hoffman

1545 - 1615 Break
1615 - 1815

Session 3: Design Synthesis
Chair: TBA
Explicit vs Implicit: A Comparative Analysis of Generative Models with Different Level of Embedded Constraints in Building Optimization Designs
Likai Wang, Patrick Janssen and Guohua Ji
Exploring the Feature Space to Aid Learning in Design Space Exploration
Hyunseung Bang, Lily Shi, So-Yeon Yoon, Guy Hoffman and Daniel Selva
Redefining Supports: Extending Mass Customization with Digital Tool to Push the Limit of Collaborative Residential Design Process
Tian Tian Lo, Basem Eid Mohamed and Marc Aurel Schnabel
A Study in Function Modeling Preferences and its Variation with Designer Expertise and Product Types
Xiaoyang Mao, Chiradeep Sen and Cameron Turner

Touch and Tell: Computing With Hands, Describing with Language, and Making with Both
Maroula Bacharidou

1900 Reception

Day Two

Tuesday 3 July 2018, Hall Aula Magna
0800 - 0830 Registration, Hall Aula Magna
0830 - 1030

Session 4: Design Theory
Chair: TBA
Model-based abduction in designs
Lauri Koskela and Ehud Kroll
From Shape Computations to Shape Decompositions
Djordje Krstic
Automated Induction of General Grammars for Design
Mark Whiting, Jonathan Cagan and Philip Leduc
Generative Shape Design using 3D Spatial Grammars and Simulation
Luca Zimmermann, Tian Chen and Kristina Shea

1030 - 1100 Break
1100 - 1230

Session 5: Design Cognition – Designer Behaviors
Chair: TBA
Comparing Two Communication Models of Team Design Activities
Hao Jiang and John Gero
Individual Differences in Tendency for Design Fixation
Song Lai and Li Shu
Functional Thinking: A Protocol Study to Map Modeling Behavior of Designers
Ashwinraj Thiagarajan, Apurva Patel, Steven O'Shields and Joshua Summers
To Copy or not to Copy: The Influence of Instructions in Design Inspiration and Fixation Experiments
Luis Vasconcelos, Chih-Chun Chen, Eloise Taysom and Nathan Crilly

1230 - 1345 Lunch
1345 - 1430

Session 6: Poster Session 1
Chair: TBA

Poster presentations - list of posters

1430 - 1530 Break Including Poster Viewing
1530 - 1730

Session 7: Design Grammars
Chair: TBA
A Self-Organizing Map Based Approach to Adaptive System Formation
Dizhou Lu and Yan Jin
Utilizing Markov Chains to Understand Operation Sequencing in Design Tasks
Christopher McComb, Jonathan Cagan and Kenneth Kotovsky
Designerly Pick and Place: Coding Physical Model Making as Preparation for Better Robotic Interaction
Daniel Smithwick, David Kirsh and Larry Sass
Knowledge Distribution and the Effect of Design Tools on the Design Process
Mina Tahsiri, Jonathan Hale and Chantelle Niblock


Conference Dinner

Day Three

Wednesday 4 July 2018, Hall Aula Magna
0845 - 1045

Session 8: Design and Visualization
Chair: TBA

A Heuristic Approach for the Automated Generation of Furniture Layout Schemes in Residential Spaces
Sherif Abdelmohsen, Ayman Assem, Sherif Tarabishy and Ahmed Ibrahim
3DDJ: An Analytical and Generative Design System for Synthesizing High-Performance Textures from 3D Scans
Sayjel Patel, Kam-Ming Tam and Caitlin Mueller
Automated Best Connected Rectangular Floor Plans

Krishnendra Shekhawat and José Duarte
Individual Coffee Maker Design Using Graph-Based Design Languages
Claudia Tonhaeuser and Stephan Rudolph

1045 - 1115 Break
1115 - 1245

Session 9: Design Modeling
Translating Analytical Descriptions of Cities into Synthetic Urban Design Models
Kinda Al Sayed and Alan Penn
Exploring the Cognitive Dynamics of Product Adoption
Niccolò Becattini, Gaetano Cascini and Francesca Montagna
Characterising the Visual Information Interaction of Engineers
Duncan Boa and Ben Hicks
Personalised Specific Curiosity for Computational Design Systems
Kazjon Grace, Mary Lou Maher, David Wilson and Nadia Najjar

1245 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1500

Session 10: Poster Session 2
Chair: TBA

Posters presentations - list of posters

1500 - 1600 Break Including Poster Viewing
1600 - 1800

Session 11: Design Processes
Chair: TBA
Experiences with Large Learner Data for Understanding How People Design: Insights and Lessons Learned
Robin Adams and Molly Goldstein
Generalizability of Document Features for Learning Rationale
Benjamin Rogers, Connor Justice, Tanmay Mathur and Janet Burge
The Topology of Social Influence and the Dynamics of Design Product Adoption
Somwrita Sarkar and John Gero
Using Graph Complexity Connectivity Method to Predict Information from Design Representations: A Comparative Study

Sri Ram Mohinder Cherkadu Vasala, Amaninder Gill and Joshua Summers
Identifying Latent, Time-Dependent Product Features From Online Reviews
Dedy Suryadi and Harrison Kim

1800 - 1815 Closing - Presentation of Best Poster and Best Presentation Prizes

Conference Preprints for registrants only (to come)

Conference Poster Abstracts for registrants only (to come)