List of Accepted Papers

Paper Title
Emil Andersen, Igor Kozine and Anja Maier Biased Decision Making in Realistic Extra-Procedural Nuclear Control Room Scenarios Denmark
Maroula Bacharidou Touch and Tell: Computing With Hands, Describing with Language, and Making with Both USA
Hyunseung Bang, Lily Shi, So-Yeon Yoon, Guy Hoffman and Daniel Selva Exploring the Feature Space to Aid Learning in Design Space Exploration USA
Alexandros Charidis Notes for an Improvisational Specification of Design Spaces USA
Canan Colaco and Cengiz Acarturk Design Cognition During Perception of Architectural Drawings: Gaze Control Differences Between Architect and Non-Architects Portugal, Turkey
Nicholas Davis, Pegah Karimi, Kazjon Grace and Mary Lou Maher Creative Sketching Apprentice: Supporting Conceptual Shifts in Sketch Ideation USA
Tomás Dorta, Emmanuel Beaudry-Marchand and Davide Pierini Extroversion of Co-Design Cognition through Immersive Retrospection Canada
Tamir El-Khouly Demystifying the Creative Qualities of Evolving Actions in Design Reasoning Processes Egypt
Kosa Goucher-Lambert, Jarrod Moss and Jonathan Cagan Unsuccessful Search: An fMRI Investigation of Analogical Reasoning and Impasse During Design Concept Generation USA
Camilla Guerritore and Jose Duarte Rule-Based Systems in Adaptation Processes: The Adaptation of Office Buildings into Housing in the Urban Context of Milan Italy, USA
Joshua Gyory, Jonathan Cagan and Kenneth Kotovsky The Effect of Managerial Intervention on Engineering Design Team Performance USA
Daniel Hulse, Kagan Tumer, Christopher Hoyle and Irem Tumer Modelling Collaboration in Parameter Design using Multiagent Learning USA
Udo Kannengiesser and John Gero Ekphrasis as the Basis for a Framework of Creative Designing Germany, USA
Matvey Khokhlov, Immanuel Koh and Jeffrey Huang Model Synthesis for Voxel Models Switzerland
Jingoog Kim, Mary Maher and Lina Lee The Effect of Tangible Interaction on Spatial Design Tasks USA
Lauri Koskela and Ehud Kroll Model-based Abduction in Design UK, Israel
Djordje Krstic Grammars for Makings USA
Matt Law, Nikhil Dhawan, Hyunseung Bang, So-Yeon Yoon, Daniel Selva and Guy Hoffman Side-by-side Human-Computer Design using a Tangible User Interface USA
Miriam Lester and Janet Burge Identifying Design Rationale Using Ant Colony Optimization USA
Heather Ligler and Athanassios Economou Playing Portman: Improvising Style from House to Hotel USA
Tian Tian Lo, Basem Eid Mohamed and Marc Aurel Schnabel Redefining Supports: Extending Mass Customization with Digital Tool to Push the Limit of Collaborative Residential Design Process New Zealand, United Arab Emirates
Xiongqing Liu and Yan Jin Designing Transfer Reinforcement Learning Mechanisms for Autonomous Collision Avoidance USA
Stephen MacNeil, Sarah Abdellahi, Mary Lou Maher, Jin Goog Kim, Mohammad Mahzoon and Kazjon Grace Designing with and for the Crowd: A Study of Design Processes in NatureNet USA
Myrsini Mamoli A Probabilistic Model to Compute Variation and Diversity in the Typology of Ancient Libraries Greece
Xiaoyang Mao, Chiradeep Sen and Cameron Turner A Study in Function Modeling Preferences and its Variation with Designer Expertise and Product Types USA
Agnieszka Mars, Ewa Grabska, Grażyna Ślusarczyk and Barbara Strug Aesthetic and Style-Oriented Evolutionary Design of Architectural Objects Poland
Raymond McCall Using Argumentative, Semantic Grammar for Capture of Design Rationale USA
Christopher McComb Towards the Rapid Design of Engineered Systems Through Deep Neural Networks USA
Hristina Milojevic and Yan Jin Building a Social-Cognitive Framework for Design: Personality and Design Self-Efficacy Effects on Pro-Design Behaviors USA
Nataliya Mogles, Lia Emanuel, Chris Snider, James Gopsill, Sian Joel-Edgar, Kevin Robinson, Ben Hicks, David Jones and Linda Newnes Information Visualisation Evaluation with Engineering Project Managers - A Qualitative Insight-Based Approach UK
Ruichen Ni and Jose Duarte Monitoring China’s City Expansion in the Urban-Rural Fringe: A Generative Grammar for Binjiang District in Hangzhou USA
Abhijna Neramballi, Tomohiko Sakao and John Gero What Do Experienced Practitioners Discuss When Designing Product/Service Systems? Sweden, USA
Marija Majda Perisic, Mario Storga and John Gero Exploring the Effect of Experience on Team Behaviour: A Computational Approach Croatia, USA
Yuan Ling Zi Shi, Hyunseung Bang, Guy Hoffman, Daniel Selva and So-Yeon Yoon Cognitive Style and Field Knowledge in Complex Design Problem Solving: A Comparative Case Study of Decision Support Systems USA
Ada-Rhodes Short, Bryony Dupont and Matt Campbell A Comparison of Tree Search Method for Graph Topology Design Problems USA
Sundaravelpandian Singaravel and Philipp Geyer Deep Component-based Neural Network Energy Modelling for Early Design Stage Prediction Belgium
Rudi Stouffs Composite Shape Rules Singapore
Mia Ardiati Tedjosaputro and Yi Teng Shih A Visualisation Tool to Investigate the Interplay of External and Internal Processes China
Likai Wang, Patrick Janssen and Guohua Ji Explicit vs Implicit: A Comparative Analysis of Generative Models with Different Level of Embedded Constraints in Building Optimization Designs Chnia, Singapore
Yasuhiro Yamamoto and Kumiyo Nakakoji Visual Interaction Design to Make Sense of Multiple Heterogeneous Timestamped Streams of Design Activity and Outcome Records Japan