Accelerating Design with Human-Machine Teaming
Important Dates
Workshop December 12
Time US EST 10:00am-2:00pm

Workshop Aim:
The workshop aims to bring together system design researchers, human-computer interaction researchers, and other interested individuals to explore current and future research on human-machine teaming for design. Although combining humans with machines (either physical machines or computational agents) may revolutionize the abilities of designers, making humans and computers co-equal in teams presents a slew of new challenges for designers and requires new research and design paradigms. This workshop will attempt to identify new research directions, key design considerations, and formulate guidelines for future research. Relevant work in collaborative design research platforms with various applications will be reviewed. The workshop will culminate in a white paper which participants will be invited to contribute to.

Topics identified for this workshop include:
• Human-machine collaborative design teams
• Role specialization for computational design agents and humans in collaborative design teams
• Human trust of computational design agents
• Issues of human-machine interactions in collaborative design teams
• Development of research platforms supporting human-machine collaboration


Workshop Chairs
Nicolas Soria Zurita (nicosoria@psu.edu)
Binyang Song (bqs5667@psu.edu)
Christopher McComb (uum209@psu.edu)
Program Committee

Jonathan Cagan, CMU
Kazjon Grace, Sydney University
Daniel Selva, Texas A&M
Zhengui Sha, University of Arkansas

Workshop Notes

Submission information:
No submission required

Workshop format:
Part 1 - 10:00am to 11:45am
10:00 am - Introductions (15 minutes)
• 10:15 am - Lightning Talks (30 minutes) Program committee members will give 5-minute lightning talk presentations to share their perspective on human-machine teaming
• 10:45 am - Breakout Discussion Groups (30 minutes) Participants will be divided into 3+ groups to discuss and identify relevant research questions regarding human-machine teaming
• 11:15 am - Outbrief (15 minutes) Participants will outbrief from the working group sessions
• 11:45 am – 12:15 pm – Break

Part 2 - 12:15pm to 2:00pm
• 12:15 pm - HyForm Design Activity (45 minutes) Participants will have the opportunity to use HyForm, a human-machine teaming research platform, to design a drone delivery system company. Participants will interact with AI design agents during the design process of the drone systems. This experience will enhance the following discussions.
• 1:00 pm - HyForm Design Research Platform Description (15 minutes) Program chair members will give 10-minute presentations to introduce HyForm capabilities from a design research perspective.
• 1:15 pm - Breakout Working Groups (30 minutes) Participants will again divide into 3+ groups to identify and plan studies of potential interest, and identify desired properties of experimental platforms such as HyForm to better perform such studies.• 1:45 pm Outbrief (15 minutes) Participants will outbrief from the working group sessions.

Attendees at the workshop need to register at a cost of $25. Please go the Registration page to register.

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