Schedule of Posters to be Presented in Poster Session 1

Poster Authors Poster Title
Malena Agyemang and Cameron Turner Extent of Cultural Elements in Engineering Design Requirements of Humanitarian Engineering and Global Development Efforts
Yuan Yin, Haoyu Zuo and Shu Huang
The Gap between What The Designers Expected and What Target Users Could Provide in Co-creation Design
Paul Pitiot, Delphine Guillon, Michel Aldanondo and Elise Vareilles Restricted Crossosver by Clustering to Improve Evolutionary Algorithm Resolution - An Application for Optimization of Concurrent Product and Process configuration Problem
Harry Felton, Jason Yon and Ben Hicks Investigating Strategies for Mass Propoerty Replcationin 3D Printing Prototypes
Alison McKay, Hau Hing Chau, Hugh Rice, Alan de Pennington and Richard Baker Assuring Consistency of Bills of Materials Using a Visual Computational Approach
Josh Hurt, Morgan Weaver, Tracy Hammond, Matthew Runyon, Kimberly Talley and Julie Linsey Impact of Sketch-Based Tutoring System at Five Universities
Alexander R. Murphy, Katherine K. Fu, Erin A. Floresca and Julie S. Linsey Parallel vs. Iterative Prototyping in an Introductory Undergraduate Engineering Course
Marketa Gebrian and Milos Florian Interpretation of Lisbon Elevador Santa de Justa and Surrounding Areas into Architectural Space for Virtual Reality and Digital Art
Ada Hurst, Oscar Nespoli and John Gero “Design in the semi-wild”: Exploring a Virtual Tutor Studio Pedagogy in Engineering Design
Kurt Becker, John Gero, Julie Milovanovic and Udo Kannengiesser Proofing a Basic Systems Engineering Model through Empirically-Based Cognitive Testing
Xing Huang Cultivating Motivation Through Data Visualization: An Exploration of Self-tracking Data Visualization Design Strategies That Cultivate Motivation of Doing Exercise Among College Students


Schedule of Posters to be Presented in Poster Session 2

Koray Benli, Jonathan Luntz, Diann Brei, Wonhee Kim and Paul Alexander
Understanding User Experience of Internally Tiled Moldable Active Textiles
Mehmet Bermek and Russel Gentry
Crossing Domain Boundaries with Graphs
Juan Salamanca and Santiago Nuñez-Corrales Self-Hood and Proximity: Maps of Identity in self-Organizing Social Systems
Neil A W Harrison and Alex H B Duffy Grasping Context in Collaborative Design
Wen Gao, Chenglin Wu and Weixin Huang A Preliminary Study of User Instruction Log in Computer Aided Architectural Design---A Pilot Investigation on Rhino 3D-Modeling
Yu Lee Han and Bradley Camburn Bias Evaluation Matrix: A Method for Process Design
Samuel Denard, Atila Ertas, Susan Mengel and Stephen Ekwaro-Osire A Quantitative Development Cycle Model
John Clay, Molla Hafizur Rahman, Darya Zabelina, Charles Xie, Xingang Li and Zhenghui Shan Systems Thinking Factors as Predictors of Success in Engineering Design
Laure De Cock, Nico Van de Weghe, Kristien Ooms and Philippe De Maeyer Design and Usability of an Adapted Indorr Route Guidance System, Adapting the Route Instruction Type to the Complexity of the Decision Point
Mohammad R. Das, Bimal Balakrishnan, Danielle Oprean, Jong Bum Kim, Jayedi Aman and James Hopfenblatt Media Affordances and Transactive Memory Systems in Design Teams
Mimi Nguyen and Celine Mougenot Multidisciplinary design collaboration through the lenses of CSCW
Morgan Weaver, Christopher Banks and Julie Linsey Understanding Facilitation for Group Idea Generation in Engineering Design
Karima Toumi, Nathalie Bonnardel and Fabien Girandola Let the Avatar Brighten Your Mind: A Preliminary Study Towards Using Avatars and Virtual Environments to Foster Ceativity in Design Activities