List of Accepted Posters to be Presented - by first author order

Poster Authors Poster Title
Sarah Abdellahi, James Budday and Mary Lou Maher
Designing With and For the Crowd: Comparing Face-to-Face Design with Crowdsourcing Design in NatureNet
Mostafa Alani and Carlos Barrios Limits of Computational Aesthetics in Islamic Geometric Patterns
David Anderson and Kristin Wood
Cross-Discipline Cognitive Strategies for Design Automation
Duncan Boa, Ben Hicks, Peter Bennett and Mike Fraser PhysiCAD - A Tangible Interface for CAD Using Lego
Mohamed Aziz Bouchiba, Bernard Yannou, Marie-Aude Aufaure, Kemper Lewis, Emilie Poirson and Tianjun Hou Detection of Liked and Disliked Functions, Solution Features and Affordances in Customers’ Reviews: The RASM Method
Stan Carroll Acoustic Formations with Style
Stan Carroll Purpose-Built Computational Tools - Enhancing Cognition and Design, A Case Study in Theater Seating Design
Alexandros Charidis Talking About Architectural Compositions: A Pilot Study on Description Styles and Envisioning
Hau Hing Chau, Alison Mckay, Christopher Earl, Alan de Pennington, David Hogg, Amar Kumar Behera and Mark Robinsonh Lattice Representations and Design Descriptions
Myung Eun Cho and Mi Jeong Kim Design Tool Transitions and Design Thinking in Conceptual Design
Stefano Filippi and Daniela Barattin Definition and Exploitation of Interaction-oriented Mental Models in Design
Soomeen Hahm The Generative Aesthetics
Soomeen Hahm and Igor Pantic BioAgency
Michael Helms and Jeannete Yen Cognitive Scaffolds for Biologically Inspired Design: Differences between Expert and Student Designers
Ben Hicks, Chris Snider, James Gopsill and Hamish McAlpine The Digital Footprint of Engineering Design Projects: Sensors for Project Health Monitoring
Immanuel Koh, Jeffrey Huang, Paul Keel and Jianxi Luo Design Decoder
Mengqi Hu and Yang Chen An Augmented Multi-objective Swarm Intelligence Approach for Collaborative Product Design
Kyung Hoon Hyun and Ji-Hyun Lee Synthesis of Car Styling: Design Upgrades based on Strategic Styling Positioning
Elham Keshavarzi and Christopher Hoyle Resilient Dynamic Design Approach Using Kalman Filter
Jinsook Kim Gestalt Attention for Complex, Abstract Situation: Visual Dominance for Interaction and Interface Design
Olga Kokshagina, Pascal Le Masson and Benoit Weil Creating an IP cartography : Design driven methods for creating conceptual patent-based cartography
Longfan Liu, Yan Li, Yan Xiong and Ping Yuan An EEG study of relationship between problem representation and cognitive behavior during conceptual design
Xiaojian Liu, Chunfu Lu, Yao Xu and Tao Zhong Gene Regulatory Network for Design Elements Derived from the Contributors Works of Prouct Design Competitions
Zhenjun Ming, Yan Yan, Guoxin Wang, Anand B. Nellippallil, Janet K. Allen and Farrokh Mistree A Knowledge-Based Platform for Decision Support in the Design of Engineering Systems
Eiji Morinaga, Hidefumi Wakamatsu, Ryu Kurahashi, Kazuki Akashi and Eiji Arai A Unified Modeling of Function and Behavior Using Petri Net
Tsai-Yun Mou Analogy or Copy? On Perception of Different Motion Design Methods in Animation
Justin Moylan, Steven O'Shields and Joshua Summers Designer Preferences in a Morphological Approach to Solution Selection: A Comparative Study
Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga and Gabriel Kaprielian Sea-Level High-Rise: Populating the Staged Retreat
Igor Pantic and Soomeen Hahm Digital Taxonomy
Igor Pantic and Soomeen Hahm Heterogeneous Meshes - An Exploration into Object Oriented Tropisms
Marija Majda Perisic, Tomislav Martinec, Mario Storga and Stanko Skec Development of Collaborative Design Agents Framework
Trung Pham, Christopher Hoyle, Yue Zhang and Tam Nguyen Topology Optimization in Conceptual Design of Hyperelastic Structures
Jose Sanchez, Joshua Ashish Dawson and Gentaro Makinoda Field Programmable Architectural Assemblies
Zhenghui Sha, Mingxian Wang, Yun Huang, Noshir Contractor, Yan Fu and Wei Chen Forecasting Technological Impacts on Consumers’ Co-Consideration Behavior
Murtuza Shergadwala and Jitesh Panchal Quantifying the Impact of Expertise on Design Solution Quality: A Psychometric Approach
Yi Teng Shih, William Sher and Mark Taylor Uncertainty as a Trigger to Changing the Roles and Relationships between Sketching and CAD Modelling in Mixed Media Design Environments
Nicolas Soria, Mitchell Colby, Irem Tumer, Christopher Hoyle and Kagan Tumer Design of Complex Engineered Systems Using Multiagent Coordination
Tomislav Stipancic, Duska Rosenberg, Toyoaki Nishida and Bojan Jerbic Context Driven Model for Simulating Human Perception – A Design Perspective
James Tan, Kevin Otto and Kristin Wood Assessing The Impact of Component Margins on System Performance
Julia Rosemary Thorpe, Birgitte Hysse Forchhammer and Anja Maier Measuring User Behaviour from Sensor Data for Service Design in Pervasive Healthcare
Christine Toh and Scarlett Miller Identifying The Factors That Impact Preferences For Creativity In Engineering Concept Selection
Ping Yuan, Yan Li, Yan Xiong and Longfan Liu Associated Sketches in Design: What Roles the Associations Among Sketches Play in Conceptual Design Process