DCC Co-Creation Workshop
Important Dates
May 25 Submissions due
June 8 Notification of acceptance
30 June 9:00am-12:30pm Workshop

Workshop Aim:

This workshop is focused on the emerging field of co-creation, which examines how multiple individuals and computational agents contribute to a shared creative product. The workshop will explore how co-creation relates to design computing and cognition by asking fundamental questions about co-creation, such as: What does co-creation and co-creativity mean? What are the major research questions and directions for co-creation? What are the opportunities for co-creation in the design field? What needs to be done in the design computing, design cognition and artificial intelligence research communities to make co-creation effective? Authors are asked to respond to these open questions in their position papers. The workshop will provide a forum to discuss these questions and make progress defining the foundation of the new field of co-creation. A scribe will take notes during the presentations and discussions to record the progress made about understanding co-creation and its associated research agenda. We will work to formalize this document into a comprehensive research agenda for co-creation that can be archived.

Workshop Chairs
Nicholas Davis (ndavis64@uncc.edu)
Program Committee
  • Mary Lou Maher, UNC Charlotte
  • Kazjon Grace, Univerity of Sydney
  • Celine Latulipe, UNC Charlotte
Workshop Notes

Submission information:
Participants do not need to submit anything to attend the workshop.

There are three options for submitting content to the DCC Co-Creation Workshop: 1) submit a 300 word abstract, or 2) submit answers to the key questions asked in the workshop description, or 3) submit a (published or unpublished) paper that you’ve been working on related to co-creation. Submissions need to be made to DCC CCW'18 through EasyChair Submit here

All attendees at the workshop need to register either as an addition to the DCC'18 conference registration at a cost of €30, or if not registered for the conference at a cost of €60. Please go the DCC'18 Registration page to add this workshop to your registration.