List of Posters to be Presented in Poster Session 2 - by first author order

Yuemin Hou Analogical Analysis Between the Design Process of Products and the Developmental Process in Biology: Design in Four Dimensions
Weixin Huang, Mingbo Wu and Lijing Yang Exploring Problem-Solving Process in an Interactive GA Interior Design Experiment
Yuval Kahlon and Haruyuki Fujii A Framework for Metaphor-Based Rock Composition Design in Japanese Rock Gardens
Toshiyuki Kaneda Toward Urban Design through Vision-Driven Agent Simulation
Jinsook Kim and Michael Fritsch Thoughts on visual dominance based on group collective reactions to a sequence
K Kotnour Sound Shape Space
Vimal Krishnan R and Prasad S. Onkar Affect and Conceptual Design: Impact of VR References on the Affective Management of Design Students in User-Oriented Design Probelms
Chor-Kheng Lim Digi-Craft: A creative process beyond the accuracy of 3D printing
Longfan Liu, Yan Li, Yan Xiong and Juan Cao An EEG study of the influences of knowledge representation on design problem-solving
Chris McTeague, Alex Duffy, Laura Hay, Tijana Vuletic, Gerard Campbell, Pei-Ling Choo and Madeleine Grealy Extending the Structural Alignment Model to Similarity Judgements of Design Concepts
Arefin Mohiuddin, Robert Woodbury and Narges Ashtari Parallel Coordinates As An Interface For Hysterical Space Exploration And Alternative Generation.
Ozgu Hafizoglu Ozkan Multidisciplinary Analogical Transfers in Design: Difference between Enneagram Personality Types
Jitesh Panchal Controlled Experiments of Information Acquisition Decisions in Engineering Design
Yesol Park Gestures as Vehicles for Understanding Desired Information
Javier Argota Sanchez-Vaquerizo and Daniel Cardoso Llach Design Ecologies: A Networks Perspective
Mylene Sanchiz, Franck Amadieu, Pierre-Vincent Paubel and Aline Chevalier Designing Older Users-Friendly Search Interface: Exploring the Benefits of Tools Supporting Search Goal Refreshing in Working Memory
Hadas Sopher, Yehuda E. Kalay and Dafna Fisher-Geweirtzman Assessing Situated Learning Patterns
Fritz Stöckli and Kristina Shea Computational Design Synthesis and Fabrication of Passive Dynamic Systems
Kira Street Generative Crochet
Megan Tomko, Wendy Newstetter, Melissa Alemán, Robert Nagel and Julie Linsey Understanding Relationships, Processes and Social Interaction to Enable Design in Academic Makerspaces
Jui-Che Tu, Yukari Nagai and Min-Chieh Shih Promoting sustainable behavior of the new-poor through design strategy of home appliances