List of Posters to be Presented in Poster Session 1 - by first author order

Authors Poster Title
José Algeciras-Rodríguez Stochastic Hybrids
Emad Al-Qattan and Wei Yan Utilizing tangible computing for parametric modeling: case studies for detecting types of geometric transformations and setting up constraints through tangible interaction.
Katerina Anagnostopoulou Politou Spatial cognition in virtual environment. Spatial cognition in video games.
Niccolò Becattini, Gaetano Cascini, Tito Begnoni, Jamie O'Hare and Jean-Francois Boujut Improving the efficiency of design protocol analysis: an approach to speed up the coding stage
Yuri Borgianni, Lorenzo Maccioni and Erwin Rauch How does product design benefit from eye tracking and biometric systems? An overview on use objectives
Angela Brindisi, Francesco Gagliardi and Antonio Concilio  A Cognitive-Computational Model of Vibro-Acoustic Passengers' Comfort to Support Design of Propeller Aircrafts
Bradley Camburn and Kristin Wood Phenomenal Informatics: Design Prototyping of Simple Artefacts to Address Complex Questions
Merel van Diepen and Kristina Shea A Spatial Grammar Method for the Computational Design Synthesis of Virtual Soft Robots
Stefano Filippi and Daniela Barattin Influence of personality and representations on shape-based design activities
Antonio Fioravanti and Gabriele Novembri From Design Intention to Digital Environment
Markéta Gebrian and Miloš Florián From Digital Art to Building Virtual Architecture in Virtual Reality
Alberto Giretti, Matteo Zambelli, Saverio Mecca and Massimiliano Condotta Architecture as Language, On the narrative character of the design of Architecture
Gizem Gumuskaya and Saketh Rama A Global-to-Local Compiler for the Programmed Self-Assembly of Biogenic Architectures
Yoon J. Han and Toni Kotnik Space as field condition: Computing spatial dynamics in architectural context
Lalita Haritaipan, Miki Saijo and Céline Mougenot Inspiring Designers with Magic through Dynamic Visual Stimuli
Andreas Makoto Hein Designing as Computing
Ethan Hilton, Wayne Li, Tracy Hammond and Julie Linsey Improving Spatial Visualization through an Engineering Graphics Course
Alexander Holliman Designer Tacit Knowledge – Capture & Quamtify: Putting a Value on Experience for Reproduction and Reflection